Career Connected Learning

Check out Marquis & Harlan enjoying their Hexcel Internships!

Hexcel Corp. (a worldwide aerospace composites company) has partnered with NCTA to provide two 40-hour aerospace internships out of their Burlington facility. Two of our seniors, Marquis Pressley, and Harlan Eggleston were selected to intern at Hexcel's shop this spring to learn about the many skills needed to fabricate parts we build for the aerospace industry. A typical visit allows for the students to pair up with one of their production employees for an in-depth experience in the manufacturing process and has allowed for some hands-on experience as well.

Marquis and Harlan have each attended one year in our Aerospace Manufacturing program. This is an exciting moment for our school as well as our students as we develop possible internship opportunities in multiple programs starting next year – Start small but think big! Thanks Mitch and Lynette for making this happen!